What's Your Aim?




*Civic Action




Here's where we will post some winners you can think about and put to work right away. After all what's a buy without a test drive!

Everyday Gamified!

The work of everyday life can be a drag and motivation comes at a premium when the big tasks are on the line. Creativity, innovation, and progress to mission completion can be as illusive as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or taking out that last big boss at the end of a game. When there's a clear win state with metrics to bring you along, motivation is as simple as playing for points and scoring for a touchdown, everybody will have a driving force to do what needs to be down beyond the traditional methods. At SLURGO we know how to take the objectives you have and turn them into a plan that brings results from your target group, whether it's employees, clients, students, or constituents. 


Talk to our team and lets get a game plan together to build what you need to get the job done. Let's get SLURGOed! 


Your Move! 

Reach out at inthegame@slurgo.com and ask about our free consulting service!